God's Mercy and Love

 "[I cleave to] God's mercy and love."

~Jana Richards

The Lord is My Light!

"I cleave to...the Lord is the Light! He stands with open arms to comfort, heal, forgive, and deliver us from every source of anguish. He sends the Holy Ghost and ministering angels to help those who suffer."

~Mindy Moon

Bearing My Testimony Brings Peace


"I find peace in bearing my testimony, not always in a formal setting but especially to my children, as I testify of what I know to be true. I find it strengthens my own testimony, it helps me cleave to what I know to be true."

~Julie Strong Brophy

I Treasure my Family

"[I cleave to] faith in my Father in Heaven. The blessing of life after death. My family is what I treasure more than anything and I can't imagine ever being without any one of them."

~Sherry Wheeler

Running and Conference

"I love to run and listen to conference talks and less music."

~Trish Ovard

Time Alone to Receive Inspiration

"For my phase of life, I love time alone to think. I especially love time alone in my car. That's actually when I feel like I receive a lot of inspiration."

~Corissa Kariger

Family, Truth, Love and Home

"[I cleave to] family, truth, love, and home."

~Ericka Madsen

He will Help Me...with Personal Revelation and Peace

"[I cleave to knowing] my Heavenly Father will help me through each challenge I face with personal revelation and peace."

~Ann Cox

His Grace is Sufficient


"[I cleave to knowing] His grace is sufficient enough."
~Lauren Perkins

Heavenly Father is Aware of Me

 "I cleave to the knowledge that Heavenly Father is aware of me even when and especially when I'm facing difficulties in my life."

~Marcie Bourne

The Power of Prayer

"I cleave to the power of prayer and my relationship with my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus Christ."

~Shannon Ireland

I Cleave to the Book of Mormon


"I cleave to the Book of Mormon."
~Paitlyn Hawley

Heavenly Father Knows Me Perfectly

"I cleave unto the hope and knowledge that everything is going to be okay, because I belong to a Heavenly Father that loves and knows me perfectly."
~Jamee Shields


The Prophet's Words Give Me Strength

"I cleave unto the words of living prophets. In a world that is turned upside down and full of confusion, the words of our living prophets anchor my soul. They help me see through the mists of darkness and give me strength and give me faith and hope in my Savior Jesus Christ. Their words give me strength and eternal perspective."
~Jenifer Oyler


God is a Loving Father


"I cling to the knowledge that God is a loving Father. He is mindful of us and wants the best for us."
~Tara Cannon