Fear Not ... You are Not Alone

Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me D & C 50:41. I was called to be the Relief Society President in my ward one week before the nation shut down due to Covid-19. Already feeling intimidated by this new calling, fear began to creep in as we began to navigate through our new normal. I kept telling myself to “Fear not” and to rely on my Savior, Jesus Christ. So I prayed more intently and dove into the scriptures and General Conference. Since then, I have felt a wave of comfort and love come over me. I realized that I wasn’t doing this calling alone, that I had the support of my family and especially the Lord. I was fully relying upon the Lord and he was making my weakness become strong. I know that my Redeemer Lives and He is aware of each of us during our trials and moments of inadequacy. I am so thankful to be a member of this church and to live at this time as we get to help prepare the world for the second coming. This is why I choose Him, I choose to Hear Him everyday of my life!!!

~Jessica Toronto

"I Will Choose Him Again"

This page has been more poignant to me than I could have imagined. It has brought me comfort and peace, and enlarged my faith. We don't ever plan on walking through a crisis of faith with someone very close to us. We don't plan on having our beliefs challenged by those we thought were on the path with us. It's hard to not have the answers to their questions. I've found myself wondering, "what if they're right? Have I been following blindly, without thinking for myself? Am I being scammed, played, defrauded?"
But every time these thoughts come to my head, they are pushed out by the title of this group. I choose to believe. No one is pressuring me, tricking me. I choose this gospel.
Those thoughts are pushed out by an inspired primary song. "Even though it's still hard, with questions that arise every day..." Or "I will choose him again! For he's our Savior and Friend..."
When I feel like things around me are crumbling, peace blossoms when I feel the sunshine in my face. I see those poor crunched tulips that I ran over bloom with bright confidence, not caring what other people might think of the way they are growing.
Joy bubbles through the doubt when my toddler finally convinces me to jump on the "twamp" with her, even though I know I'll probably pee my pants doing it.
Every one goes through trials. Everyone has questions sometimes. But I am so grateful for these tender mercies from a loving heavenly father. These little fireflies of assurance are just enough light in the mist of doubt and depression and darkness to remind me that I DO have a testimony of my own. There are questions and doubts that arise, but every time they do I get one of these little flickers reminding me that Heavenly Father knows as loves me. And then, again, I choose to believe.

~Kim Porter

He is in Every Detail of My Life


I choose to believe because I know my Savior lives and loves me. This past year has brought many events – and unexpected changes – for our family. Through it all, I choose to believe because I know that no matter what we are asked to do, if we do it with faith and hope, and an eye single to His plan, (even if we don’t know the outcome) we can accomplish all that is set before us and all that we are asked to do. I choose to believe because it brings me comfort. It brings me peace, happiness, and joy to know that I can feel the love of a Heavenly Father who is aware of me, who knows me, and who loves me unconditionally. He is there for me. I cannot deny that He is in every detail of my life. I have felt His love and His witness in many ways. I choose to believe because of my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and His eternal plan!  ~Ericka Schade

Lean into Faith and Away from Fear

I choose to believe in a loving Heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ and his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is a choice and I find that I need to keep choosing to believe everyday! This life is not without heartache and challenges which everyone goes through especially with Covid & the unique trials it brings. I choose to believe because it gives me hope, faith, charity, and endless joy! I am happier, and a much better person when I choose to believe and lean into faith and away from fear. ~Chrissy Young

I Choose to Believe Because it Brings Me Pure Joy and Hope

I would not have believed I would see a day where the whole world would be in quarantine. But here we are. It brings my thoughts to Job in the Old Testament. He lost everything and had sicknesses that brought him near death and everything unimaginable happen to him. But he was faithful to the Lord regardless of what happened to him. I believe this time is one that can push us to our potential. We can become stronger, turn to Christ, and become more like him.

I have seen such blessings in disguise during this time! I love the time with my family. We have grown closer as a family. We truly love “Come Follow Me” because we are able to continue to learn and become like Christ even though we aren’t at church. We read and discuss a little every day. The program is so inspired and I testify it is from the Lord. He has prepared us to be strong despite the things going on in the world.

Our house is filled with laughter from playing and building forts. I have been enjoying playing games with my boys, pushing my little Hank on the swings in the backyard, reading with my boys, and cuddling while we watch a movie. Going for a hike or walk or run with my family is more enjoyable than ever! A blessing in disguise for sure - to have TIME for more wholesome recreational activities as a family.

I don’t feel sad or depressed about the situation because of my conviction in Jesus Christ, in the Book of Mormon, and in ministering. I talk to sisters in my ward daily. Whenever I do, I feel the Spirit. And I know that we need each other - ministering is miraculous! When I had a day that I felt down, the kindness of friends and sisters through texting lifted my spirit.

I have been re-memorizing The Living Christ. The words are beautiful! And I feel the love of Christ every time I say it.

I choose to believe because it brings me pure joy and hope! ❤️

~Michelle Pyper

I Can't Imagine Heaven without My Family

"I choose to believe because I know families are eternal. During these unique times we were able to have our last of 6 children be baptized. As we sat in the very empty church that Saturday afternoon I realized how important the ordinance of baptism was and what it means eternally to take upon those covenants and His name. I choose to believe because like Elder Holland, I couldn’t imagine Heaven without Robert and our kids. We are just like every other family. We struggle, we sometimes don’t communicate, we have short tempers, and as of recently I’ve discovered I am NOT a very good home school teacher. But, I choose to believe because when I do...those hard times turn into growing and learning times. He softens our hearts, helps us forgive and is patient with us as we learn as a family to love and serve each other. I choose to believe because I love my family and want to be with them forever." -Emily Wensel

He Knows My Need

"I choose to believe because I see His hand in my life every day, even in small things if I look. Right before all this craziness broke out, we started redoing our family room. To make a long story short, there were issues with the painting and our painter told us we would have to refinish some walls because the paint wouldn’t work. He said he would try but he didn’t think it would work. I was devastated! My husband had worked really hard and we didn’t have the energy or time to redo it. I broke down in tears in prayer to my Heavenly Father asking if there was any chance for a miracle, even in this little thing that the painting would work. I left to take care of my mom. While there, I received a text from the painter that it looked great! It didn’t need redone. It was a little miracle to me. I believe because I know the power of prayer and fasting. Even in things that seem trivial, He knows they are important to me. I choose to believe because I can look back at the recent changes in the church and what we have been asked to do by the prophet and see that we were being trained and prepared to handle the trials for this crazy time. It’s such a turbulent time with the uncertainty of the economy and jobs, as well as the illnesses, but the more I remember Him, the more peace I have and am hopeful for the future." -Nancy C.

Looking for Tender Mercies Gets Me Through

"Even when life is uncertain and I have heart wrenching trials, I choose to believe. I believe because I know my Heavenly Father loves me and hears my prayers! When I am struggling through trials, I look for the tender mercies that help me get through each day. I am grateful for my testimony, my family, our church, the temples, the missionary program, and ministering. I love to serve others as it helps me feel happy." -Lori Cebollero

Remember the Goodness of God

"This is such a strange time for all of us. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. There is so much uncertainty, but even when I feel alone, depressed, or struggle with gospel questions, I choose to remember all that He has done for me and believe. Recently, in General Conference, Elder Renlund reminded us, 'to remember each day the greatness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what They have done for you.' When I remember all the blessings I have been given, the answers to prayer, the personal revelation I have received, I cannot deny that He is there, that He loves me, and that His church is the true church. I choose to believe because I remember what He has done for me." - Natalie H.

Our Savior Can Be With Us...Right Where We Are

"Yesterday my husband asked me to run make some copies at the church for our ward. I got all our kids set up doing schoolwork and then did a mad dash. I walked into the dark, quiet building and was scurrying down the hall when I was stopped in my tracks by this big, beautiful picture of the Savior...reaching out to me. The first thought that came into my mind was, 'He's still here!' I just had to sit for a moment and be still in a place that I knew He was. While I hope I never again take for granted being able to be in His holy house(s)...our churches and temples...I choose to believe that even and especially in times like these He is not waiting there until we come back. I choose to believe in a Savior who is with us wherever we invite Him, reaching out with love and peace and offering His strength to help us through." -Miriam F.

I Choose Faith Over Fear

"Even when the world is in chaos I choose to believe that Heavenly Father loves us and is very mindful of what we are going through. When we hear His servants, as we did so this weekend, we hear Him. I choose faith over fear."  
- Shauna C.

Peace in Christ

I am so grateful we were able to have our stake women’s conference before all of this craziness set in. I left there feeling like I could withstand anything that comes my way if, I choose to believe in God, the Eternal Father and in His son, Jesus Christ!⁣ ⁣

Little did we know what was coming our way in just a couple of weeks time after that; a pandemic, quarantines, earthquakes, and enough changes to last me a lifetime! Our world is filled with turmoil, chaos, and commotion. All our sense of day-to-day normalcy has vanished. Or has it?

Is God trying to tell us something? Is He trying to tell us to slow down and enjoy what matters most?

President Thomas S. Monson said, “The most important things in life almost always involve the people around us.” Our families and our relationships with them and other loved ones and our devotion and commitment to God and our Savior Jesus Christ should be what we are focusing our time and energy on.⁣⁣

I Choose to Believe in Good Things to Come

Women's Conference Talk by Lindi Salmon 

"In 1815, the Indonesian island of Sumbawa was lush and green with recent rain. Families were preparing for the dry season ahead, as they had every year for generations, cultivating rice paddies in the shadow of a volcano called Tambora.

"On the evening of April 10, the whole mountain exploded. Three fiery plumes shot skyward, merging into one massive blast.

"The eruption caused temperatures in India to drop, and cholera killed thousands, destroying families. In fertile Chinese valleys, summer snowstorms replaced a normally mild climate and flooding rains destroyed crops. In Europe, food supplies dwindled, leading to starvation and panic.

"The eruption of Tambora affected weather in North America through the following year. Spring gave way to snowfall and killing frosts, and 1816 passed into memory as the year without a summer." (Saints)

Now I want to tell you about my own year without a summer. Nine months ago, almost to the hour, I was lying in an ICU bed. During the previous 24 hours, I had suffered the final stroke that was part of what doctors later called a shower of strokes. I had lost many abilities, including being able to walk,  eat, or even really lift my head.

I had been Life Flighted to a different hospital and listened as doctors had explained to my sweet husband that if current treatments did not work, the only option left was brain surgery. This only had two outcomes, further injury or death. As I lay there, I listened to nurses describe my situation. Being a nurse myself, I never thought I would see a patient live through this--let alone live through it myself. I was at a complete loss. I remember closing my eyes thinking, “What next?” in complete despair.

Introduction of Theme: I Choose to Believe

Women's Conference Talk by Tiffany McMinn

Last November, our family was in St. George spending the Thanksgiving holiday with some extended family. The day before Thanksgiving, I went out on a morning jog on a familiar road close to my mom’s home. I had done this route many times in past visits to town.

I had hit my halfway point and was on my way back when I came to the only stoplight on my jog. The light was red, and I stopped. I pushed the crosswalk button and waited on the corner to cross. I looked over and saw a work truck in the left turn lane, waiting to turn onto the road I was getting ready to cross. He hadn’t moved out into the intersection, and the light had turned yellow.

I looked at him again (sure that he could see me as well), and made sure he wasn’t going to turn onto the road. He wasn’t moving, and the light turned red. The crosswalk sign then flashed green for me to walk, and so I began to cross the road in the painted crosswalk area.

All of a sudden, I see the front bumper of the truck slam into the side of my body, moving me up off the ground. The next thing I remember was being on the ground and trying to get up. After slowly pulling myself up, the driver (who had pulled over to the side of the road) came running over to me (I think I was in shock; I kept asking, "Are my teeth okay?").

Video 2: I Choose to Believe

Sisters in our stake explain why they choose to believe as they go through challenges and trials of life. Video 2 of 2.