Message of Support from Our Stake President

Thank you for visiting this website created by the Relief Society of our stake. I'm confident you will find the stories shared on the site to be uplifting and faith-promoting. They represent the real-life experiences of ordinary Latter-day Saint women who are striving to follow the Savior Jesus Christ.

As their individual experiences demonstrate, Latter-day Saint women are not amazing because they have managed to avoid the difficulties and challenges of life, but rather because of the way they face the trials they encounter with optimism and faith. Despite their tests and trials, they remain remarkably firm and unshakable and true to the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Surely, as the wonderful women of the Church stand together in faith, righteousness and virtue, their influence in the world will be incalculable.

Dear sisters, thank you for the shining example you set for all those who fall within your sphere of influence. You occupy a singular place in the grand design of our Father in Heaven. As Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles stated, "We love you and admire you . . . You are incredible!"

President Alex Jensen

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