Testimony: A Worldwide Sisterhood

by Jennifer Hughes

Compiling these stories and testimonies has been such a blessing in my life, and I feel strengthened by my local Relief Society sisters and their faith. I understand the way that Daughters in My Kingdom is meant to do that in a larger sense, to help women the world over to feel the faith and love and strength of the women who have come before us, to help the entire Relief Society feel their connection and sisterhood. I feel edified by reading both.

I have a great love for my ancestors. I have tried to teach my children about their righteous heritage as descendants of many Mormon pioneers. Daughters in My Kingdom has given me insights into the Church’s history as my ancestors would have experienced it. I want my children to understand how their forebears sacrificed so much to enable them to have the gospel. Without those faithful ancestors I would not exist. I owe them an eternal debt of gratitude for both my life and for the legacy of faith they passed down to me.

I love the Lord. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope it gives me on a daily basis. I know the Lord uses the trials of this life to bring us to Him. I hope to endure all things well that I may return to live with Him someday, with my eternal family. That is my greatest desire.