Testimony: "Daughters in My Kingdom," Touching Hearts

by Renee Packer

As I’ve studied, read, pondered, and began to read again the book Daughters in My Kingdom, I have come to realize the blessings and the power of this book, and it’s a beautiful reminder and awareness of who I am and who I desire to be. It has been a beautiful companion to daily scripture study. I can’t help but to reflect on the path that has brought me to this point and feel such gratitude for a time such as this.

I have always had a deep sense of gratitude for the organization of Relief Society and knew it was inspired by God. It has personally strengthened and blessed my life in a multitude of ways, but perhaps I never realized the expansive history and beauty found in its profound teachings, history and intimate stories that are shared.

After my calling as Stake Relief Society President, it was only two and a half months later that I received wonderful insights concerning this book as I attended a special training in Salt Lake City at the feet of Sister Julie B. Beck, Sister Sylvia Allred, and Sister Barbara Thompson. The excitement in the air of receiving and being instructed on this book was felt by all in attendance. We knew without a doubt that there was power and purpose behind this book that could change, uplift and inspire the hearts of every sister and brother in the Church—and hopefully outside the walls of the Church—by our powerful influence and example for good.

It seemed that every page I read was followed by a tender experience that brought sweet emotions and incredible gratitude for these great reminders or new-found truths. I knew the Lord was speaking to me personally through this book and that I could learn from the history and individual stories of women from the beginning of time.

The inspiration of this book is evident not only in my own life, but as I listen to sisters throughout my stake discuss their feelings for this book. We all have a deeper reality of God’s love for us, His purpose for us on this earth and our greatest desire for exaltation, and how we are and can make a difference. That is thrilling! We are at the forefront of something truly profound that will come from reading, studying, and living by its teachings.

I believe women learn from personal experiences of other women or families. The inspiration to write a book that is directed towards the deepest concerns and desires of women’s hearts, and to show us patterns to live by so that we can implement these patterns and put aside the fluff in our lives and seek for higher ground, is what is needed more than ever right now.
This book is touching our hearts, teaching us how service brings great joy even during the most challenging of times. We can rise above and look at our God-given abilities and that by our light we can be a beacon for others to follow.

I know without a doubt that God and Jesus Christ are at the head of the organization of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As we, the Relief Society, and the Priesthood unite in our purpose, I have such faith that we will prepare ourselves and those in our influence, with joy, for the second coming.

I testify of these thoughts and feelings with the sincerity of my heart, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.