Testimony: Living up to Our Privilege

by Cassidy Goodfellow
from http://cedarriverrs.blogspot.com
I have always had a love for Relief Society. Perhaps it is because of the rich heritage of faithful women in my family or that I didn’t have any sisters growing up and Relief Society gave me a “circle of sisters” (pg. 81). Reading Daughters in My Kingdom deepened my love for this organization, its heritage and its purpose.

I have a new admiration for the stalwart women who persevered, served, and exemplified a pattern of faith, despite the trial or heartache in their own lives. This book helped me feel an increased desire and motivation in myself, “to learn what He would have [me] learn, do what He would have [me] do, and become what He would have [me] become”( pg. 7).

One area I am truly striving to become is in visiting teaching. As I read Chapter 7 and reflected on the past year of tender experiences I have had visiting with my sisters, my testimony grew, and the Spirit testified to me of this magnificent “system of watchcare” (pg. 110). It is a blessing in my life to serve and uplift. I hope to better emulate the Savior as I strive to “have the pure love of Christ for [my] fellow travelers in this journey through life” (pg. 101).

Another blessing in my life is my calling as a wife and mother. Reading Chapters 9 and 10 was delightfully motivating. I felt as though the dear Relief Society sisters of the past were cheering me on, whispering to me through the Spirit that indeed I could “live up to this privilege” (pg. 171). I know I will refer to the counsel in those chapters often as I press forward in this most “noble calling” (pg. 145).

I know this work is true, and I know my Heavenly Father is intricately aware of me as a daughter in His kingdom. In the book, President Lorenzo Snow stated in July of 1901 that “it [Relief Society] will accomplish a mighty work and be a continued blessing unto the Church.” Now, over a century later, indeed, that is the case! The publication and distribution of this compiled history is evidence to me of the beauty and divine, eternal nature of Relief Society. It is truly “something extraordinary” (Preface)! What a privilege and continuous blessing is mine to be part of this true and divinely mandated, extraordinary work!