Testimony: My Prayers Were Answered Through Others' Service

by Joanne Farr
Throughout Daughters in My Kingdom, it is repeated that the Relief Society’s work is to strengthen home and family. I have been the recipient of this kind of help from the Relief society for the past year and a half as they were asked by our bishop to organize a list of families to help with my son with special needs. The compassionate service leader organized some families in the ward to have my son over for a few hours each week, giving me a much-needed break and enabling me to spend some special time with my other children and husband. This is the Relief Society in action.

As my son has spent time in the homes of various sisters in the ward, he has found love, acceptance, friendship, and support. Each sister has welcomed him with open arms, and their families have formed special relationships with him. What was once a mountain of worry and stress for me has been divided up among these families, and life looks brighter now. 

As these sisters and families have served us, my testimony of Heavenly Father’s love for me has grown. He has answered my prayers and pleadings through the works of other people. Their examples of Christlike service and charity for my son have made me feel that angels are among us. I now feel that I have a network of sisters to help and support me.

These acts of service for us have perfectly reflected the three main purposes of Relief Society—my faith and personal righteousness has been increased, my family strengthened, and there is a ripple effect of their service as I now look for ways to give back and serve others. While reading this book that reflects and celebrates the divine mission of women to provide relief and comfort to others, I have felt overwhelming gratitude to be a part of this great organization with such a special call to spread the gospel through acts of service.

To have been directly impacted by such wonderful service has helped me understand firsthand the power that righteous women have for good around them. What a beautiful plan our Heavenly Father has for His beloved daughters. I bear my testimony of these things with much gratitude, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.