Testimony: Trying to Be More Christlike

by Jenny Chamberlain
I am so grateful for the experiences shared in Daughters in My Kingdom! As I have read the stories of these wonderful women who came before me, I have grown to love them and Relief Society even more. While I appreciate the knowledge I have gained, I am more grateful for the strengthening influence it has been to my testimony.

As I have read about the women of the Old Testament and the pioneers who had the courage to move forward with faith, I have felt a kinship and closeness that I had previously not felt. They became more real, more exemplary, more like women I want to pattern my life after.
Mostly, I am grateful for the closeness I have felt to the Savior as I have read accounts of women relying on Him for comfort, strength, direction and courage.

I feel a greater desire to increase my efforts to be more Christlike to those around me. I have a greater desire to be a better visiting teacher, friend, wife, and mother. I have a greater love for my family, my ancestors, women throughout the world, and the Savior. I feel so very blessed and grateful, and hope to live worthy and serve wholeheartedly that the world will be just a little bit better for my having lived in it.