Testimony: Blessed by "Daughters in My Kingdom"

by Melanie Martin 
I wanted to take this opportunity to write a brief testimony concerning the book Daughters in My Kingdom. After receiving the book, I read through it entirely within a few days. It was a source of inspiration and guidance to turn its pages and take in the wonderful text. I learned so much about the history of Relief Society and faithful sisters who paved the way before us with selfless acts of kindness, hard work, and spiritual growth. I felt strengthened by this knowledge. On a personal note, I found the book to be a great source of strength to me while going through some difficulties. I found a new light in my testimony of visiting teaching, kindness to others, patience, and unconditional love.

I know this book was truly inspired. I know that it will touch the lives of all the sisters who read it. There is truly a spirit of unification and love in this book that inspires to serve in the gospel and to be like our Savior, Jesus Christ.