Testimony: To Be Among Exemplary Women

by Noni Dangerfield
I have only started reading Daughters in My Kingdom and am impressed with the feelings and inspiration I enjoy as I read. Like the scriptures, I highlight and consider the thoughts that come to my mind and feel in my heart. The book has been an interesting refresher on my role as a woman in the Church and in general. I have my own concerns as a mother and wife in these times, but it is always comforting and enlightening to read about and be among exemplary women who follow through with righteous causes.

I love the knowledge that Relief Society is organized after the manner of the priesthood and how integral it is to the Church and is acknowledged as such, when Joseph Smith said, “The Church was never perfectly organized until the women were thus organized.” It’s incredible to be part of something worldwide that is so unified and uncorrupted.

I look forward to reading more as it helps reaffirm in my heart and mind the truthfulness of the gospel and the crucial part we as sisters innately play as women in our homes, community, and personal relationships.