Testimony: Love as Christ Loves Us

by Taylor Jennings
While reading Daughters in My Kingdom, I have felt the Spirit testify to me the importance and sacredness of Relief Society. The motto “Charity Never Faileth,” or as described as “the pure love of Christ,” is perfect for describing the Relief Society program, because as we love the sisters of the ward, neighborhood, stake, region, and around the world as Christ loves us each one of us, it is so easy to give service and care for those in need.

In the last chapter it urges us to “live up to your privilege.” It reminds us of the blessings and strength that women have been given to be able to be righteous women, mothers, and daughters of God in these wicked times of the world. As we cleave to our covenants and take our turn to serve in Relief Society, we will be blessed and know of our divine nature and the sacred responsibility of women. I know that this book comes from God, and as I study it and learn more about and put charity into action, I will be blessed and grow closer to my Father in Heaven.