With Me Through My Trials

by Amanda Davis
Just a few weeks after my parents left on their first mission, my husband shocked me by informing me one night that he wanted a divorce. A couple numb days later, I found time to go to the temple, in hopes of finding some peace and inspiration.

As I pulled into a parking place in the lower level parking at the Bountiful Temple, I felt a distinct impression to check to make sure that I had my temple recommend with me. Since the light wasn’t good in the parking garage, I flipped on the cabin lights in my car, quickly found my recommend, and went into the temple to do a session.

I try to always follow the impressions I receive from the Spirit, even if it seems like there’s not much reason for it. This was an example of a time like that. My recommend was right there in the pocket of my bag, where it always is, and I forgot about the incident as I was in the temple that day.

No great impressions came to me of what I should do, or of any new way of looking at my scary and sad situation. Still, I was glad I had come to the temple and felt some reassurance from being there.

When I got back out to my car and tried to start it, I quickly found that my battery was dead, and realized that it was because I had left the cabin light on in my car after I had found my recommend. Immediately, the little complainer that sometimes perches on my shoulder said, “Seriously? Haven’t you already maxed out your quota of problems for this week? Whose big idea was this, anyway?” Fortunately, my other shoulder is frequently inhabited by a very practical, mature voice that said, “It’s just a dead battery. You can get it jumped and go on with your day. Quit complaining and get busy.”
"I’m not going to prevent bad things from happening to you. That is life...but I am going to take care of you."
As I drove away from the temple, I heard one more voice saying to me, “I’m not going to prevent bad things from happening to you. That is life, and you are going to experience it. But I am going to take care of you and give you the help you need to get through those experiences.” I knew this time that it was the Spirit of my Heavenly Father speaking to me and reassuring me of his love and care.

As I returned to my home and my family and my problems, what a great blessing and comfort it was for me to have the assurance of that experience. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and watches over us. He does not always shield us from trials, but He will always be with us through them.