It Helped Me Understand Faith Better

by Joanne Farr
We recently directly experienced a trial of our faith and finally a mountain of difficulty removed. My son needs a very expensive medicine for the syndrome he has. It is impossible for us to pay for it. Our insurance has denied us repeatedly.

We were finally able to get on a free program that provided the medicine for one year. The changes in his health were dramatic and I constantly had a major worry that I would not be able to keep him on this medicine. The worry grew and grew until it consumed me. It was a heavy weight that I carried around constantly. We researched and prayed and fought insurance again but nothing changed.

Finally, his medicine ran out in May of 2011, and I felt literally sick that we could not get approved for any other aid programs. We continued to pray and I felt that something would work out, but I did not know how or when. Finally, in September, we were approved for a new medication under their patient assistance program. We found out the medication could be provided to us at a fraction of the cost. 

When I received that news, I felt that I could finally fully breathe again. The enormous weight on my heart finally lifted. I really feel this experience has helped me understand faith better. We cannot give up believing that all things will eventually come together for our good.