Laying Hold on Every Good Thing Through Faith

by Janet Taylor
The Lord has carried me every step of the way through my life. It was by faith that as a very shy girl I was able to leave home and attend BYU. It was by faith that I married in the temple and had a family. It was by faith the I survived six very difficult pregnancies and births and many trials of life.

It was by faith that I was able to overcome the shyness and be allowed to help with building up the Lord's kingdom through serving in auxiliary presidencies and to fulfill Relief Society teaching assignments. It was faith that brought about the miracles of temple marriage, jobs and promotions, homes were sold and acquired, babies born, health restored. 

In every instance of my petitions before the Lord, it has been faith on the Lord Jesus Christ which has brought about the sought-after blessings. It has been by faith that I have been able to lay hold upon every good thing in life with which I have been blessed. 

I know the Lord lives, Jesus is the Christ, and miracles do happen. I have experienced so many instances of small miracles and unexplained coincidences that have come along to rescue me or reassure me that Heavenly Father is active in my life and is watching over me. My experiences are very sacred to me, and I hold them deep in my heart. I know that my Savior is advocating my cause with our Father.  

I can share that when I was a single mother with six children to raise on my own, the Lord constantly sent angels to my door to care for me and my children. It was truly miraculous how help would arrive without having to ask anyone other than Heavenly Father. It was miraculous how Heavenly Father placed people and circumstance in my path who allowed me to be independent and to care for my family.

It brings me great joy to live in a home that was built by faith and to surround myself with my family. I love to gather with my family in a beautiful home blessed with warmth and comfort and every necessity. I have no greater joy than to see my children walk in truth. To watch them live independent faithful lives, devoted to serving the Lord, to see them sacrificing to care for others and to build the Lord's kingdom. 

I love the gift of life, and I am so grateful for all of my blessings.