Testimony: I Have a Renewed Trust in Heavenly Father

from www.mormonwoman.org
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For most of the first 20 years that we were married, I was involved with Young Women. More than once over those years I was approached by a young girl who was concerned about her worth as a woman. One even openly lamented that she had not been born a man, because of the blessings and privileges that were so obviously theirs. 

Each time, I would talk with this precious girl about our very special role and share that if I were given the choice of whether to be a man or a woman,  I would choose to be a woman, with all of the responsibilities and gifts that come with it. The joy of my part in Heavenly Father’s plan filled me.

However, I must admit that, as the years passed, and I studied more and observed more, with shock I realized that somehow a worry and concern about my eternal role in Heavenly Father’s eyes had slipped in, almost unnoticed, until it one day I realized that I was very shaky as to how Heavenly Father viewed his daughters.
  I hate to use the words “second-class citizens,” but that is an apt description as to what I was feeling, and I couldn’t shake it, even after talking with President Barlow right before his death. My testimony was never at risk, but my understanding of myself was.

Then I read Daughters in My Kingdom. I wish that I had written my testimony after finishing the last page of that beautiful book. I was and am filled with the spirit of it, and I know that this book was not only a gift to me, but to many, many women in the Church. Peace has come and joy has returned, and I have a renewed trust in Heavenly Father as to what eternity may hold for me. Priceless, priceless.

This is my testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ,  amen.