Blessed by Service

Here are a few thoughts from different people about how service given and received blessed them.

I have been born with the love of math, which I know is rare. I have been helping my brother-in-law with his math in college.

It is hard to teach someone when they don’t understand and feel discouraged. I know I have had the help from Heavenly Father to be able to be patient and find ways to make sense. Because of this, he has understood the concepts and has passed his tests.

I had a really miserable, challenging day earlier this week. Some friends noticed I wasn’t myself and gave me a chance to share my troubles and frustrations. Just knowing that someone cared about me really turned my day around.

I took my neighbor to the doctor in Murray because she was still unable to drive. We visited the whole way there, and I watched her small toddler while she was in the office. I loved getting to know her and her daughter better and I feel the time spent together was amazing as we grew closer as friends.