Grateful to Be the Lord's Hands

Here are some thoughts on service from members of our stake.

When I took dinner to a friend, I felt so grateful to be the Lord’s hands by serving. It is the least I can do for all that my Heavenly Father has done for me.

by Carolyn Justensen
At a very busy and overwhelming time last summer, a sweet sister in the ward helped me with some sweet acts of service. They were just small, but they made all the difference in my life. I know Heavenly Father placed this sister in my life at that time. Besides the physical service she gave, she also gave me hope that all would work out. She showed me that someone cared for me. My life was truly blessed, and I have a great love for this sister.

by Andrea Taylor
A great burden was lifted when brothers from the ward helped us unload the trucks when we moved into our house. Though they didn't even know us, they helped us and how thankful we were for their service.

My husband and I have so much gratitude towards members of our ward. We have faced a family trial and countless ward members (many who we didn't think knew us) have brought gifts and offered words of encouragement. We feel very loved at church and this helps us through the week. I am amazed at the kindness of the ward members.

by Michelle Yates
We moved into this ward three weeks ago and had so many people help us get here. We had previous ward members, new neighbors, friends and family all help in loading things in and out. Many spent several afternoons, evenings and weekends packing, sorting and cleaning. We would not have been able to do all those things on our own and are so grateful to everyone who gave of themselves so freely.