I Learned a Lot About Myself

Enjoy these stories of how service has changed people's lives.

by Jami Jensen
Most of our stories of service are pretty personal, and no one in our family felt completely comfortable in sharing. I do, however, have a favorite service story that had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with a dear friend of mine, who years ago shared the events with me. I do not have their permission, so I will not use their names. 

from LDS.org, used with permission
Quite a few years ago, an older gentleman in our neighborhood was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. The doctors did everything they could, but the cancer was taking over. This man spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital. My friend was aware that this man's wedding anniversary was coming up and that he would still be in the hospital. 

Realizing that this man would be unable to purchase a gift for his wife, my friend arrived at the hospital before his wife got there. She had with her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She gave them to the man so that he would have a gift for his wife when she arrived, and then quietly slipped away and went home. When the man's wife came to the hospital, he presented her with the flowers. It was the last anniversary that they spent together on this life. 

This act of service went beyond the norm and was so well thought through. I believe my friend actually put herself in the situation of this sweet couple and carried out love as the Savior would love. 

by Kevin and Kristy Baron
Once a week, we have family night over the phone with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren who live in California. For family night, we use the gospel art book which has pictures and scriptures. We purchased a book for everyone, so everyone has their own copy. Each person has the opportunity to present a lesson. We have enjoyed hearing our 10- and 8-year-old grandsons and 6-year-old granddaughter give the lessons and share their testimonies. This experience has been a blessing in our lives.

by Alex Carter
When thinking about how I have been blessed by sharing small acts of kindness or service with others, the first thing that comes to my mind is the service I have given and give to my quadriplegic brother. Since he is in a wheelchair, he requires a lot of time and help. I love helping him and serving him. When I help him, I feel a deep love and compassion for him. I have grown much closer to him and have been blessed with a very close relationship because of the service I have done and do for him.

Another blessing I think of when serving is when I served as assistant girls' camp director this past summer. I grew and learned so much throughout that experience. I was able to bond and learn about each girl. I grew to love each one of them like a sister. I enjoyed serving them and making girls' camp the best experience they have had. It was really rewarding when they would tell me it was the best girls' camp they had been to. I know that I was meant to be in that calling and serve those girls. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but also about others. I am grateful and felt blessed to have served in that calling.

by Alica Garlitz
When I think about how my family has been blessed through service, I know there must be many I could try to recall from my memory, but one always sticks out the most. Almost four years ago, when my youngest child Landan was three months old, he got very sick with RSV. We took him to the emergency room, where they decided he needed to stay overnight for three nights. My husband left for a business trip that afternoon, and I was left to figure out how to stay with the baby and still take care of five other children left at home. My oldest was only 15, and they all had school the next day. 

I remember when my daughter called me and said that Sister Cluff had called for me and she told her where I was. Within a few hours, my children had dinner on the table because of Sister Cluff. She had also called the Relief Society so that we had dinners brought in the rest of the week. What a blessing that was. I am so grateful for Sister Cluff to have listened to the Spirit, to be inspired to call me at the right moment to be able to help a sister so much in need. I have no doubt that there are few who listen when the Spirit whispers, and they are the ones who bring much needed relief.

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