Nothing Can Describe the Joy I Felt: Service Stories

Service has touched the lives of youth and adults in our stake in many ways:

There was a kid in my class that obviously was raised in a rough lifestyle. His standards were not the same as mine, but I was still friendly to him, so he respected my values. He was constantly being shifted between family members' homes, and one day I heard him mention that he didn't even have a coat. It hurt me so deeply that he couldn't even keep warm in his unstable home conditions in the winter season. I told my mom I wanted to get him a coat. My mom, being the kindhearted woman she is, agreed.

We purchased him a warm coat, and I wrote a note to go along with it. I left it on his chair in class anonymously. Nothing can describe the joy I felt when he received the coat. His eyes lit up and I was so glad that he could finally be warm--especially since he had to walk to and from school every day.

by Natalie Vickers
Taking time to occasionally visit our kids' three living great-grandmas at their homes and care centers blesses each of us to have a connection with elderly family members and helps them know we love them.

I mow a 93-year-old lady's lawn, and it makes me feel good that I can serve her and help her out.

My mom and family were out. My sister and I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I did this for my mother. I felt so good. I also felt like I did something that was appreciated. My mom was so happy.

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