She Filled Holes in My Heart: Service Stories

Here are a few snippets of service from stake members.

As a family we started the tradition of going Christmas morning to a shelter. We serve food, visit, wrap gifts and sort clothes for those who are in need. We go before opening our own gifts because we want to put them first. This has given us the opportunity to focus on the true meaning of Christmas by doing those things that Jesus Christ himself would have done. We love this tradition of service and in turn have received the blessing of gratitude.

My nanny is struggling financially. I paid her speeding ticket. It made me feel good, that I was in a position to help her.

by E. Martinez
I went to Mary Robert's house every Monday and read to her. That hour with her changed my life. The love she showed me, her grace, her testimony filled holes in my heart that only she could have filled. Through her, I felt love from my Heavenly Father. She was an amazing women and everything I hope to be someday.

by Heather F.
I picked up a bag of sugar for a handicapped man at the grocery store. It made me feel grateful for a healthy body and made me want to serve more.

In my last ward, my dad and I were home teaching companions. We were able to help one of our families by hanging Christmas lights every year for them and helping them with a bath remodel that they couldn't do themselves. It was fun working with my dad and really making new friends that I will always love.

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