Preparing to Go to the Temple

Why a White Handkerchief?

A white handkerchief at a temple dedication has been a long-standing tradition, but these delicate white handkerchiefs can stand as a great reminder for many reasons. If you would like to know more about the history of when and how the white handkerchiefs are used with temple dedication, please read this answer by Reed Durham titled, “What is the Hosanna Shout?”

The honor, blessing, and thrill of living in an area where a new temple has been built is one we should never take lightly. All temples are a heritage from the Lord. We pray that you will feel a desire to instruct and prepare your family with the purposes and blessings of attending the temple to make and keep sacred covenants, to unite families, and to seek out those who could receive the saving work of the temple.

First of all, we are so grateful for the many hands (Primary, YW & RS women) in our stake who lovingly spent hours sewing and helping in a myriad of ways to put together hundreds of handkerchiefs for the sisters in our stake.

As you receive your white handkerchief in the next couple of weeks, we hope that it will become a special keepsake and reminder to invite your friends, neighbors and family members to attend the Ogden Temple open house, as ALL are invited to enter its doors prior to the rededication. This is the work of salvation at its best! Those with special temple recommends for children 8 and older can attend the dedication in their own stake buildings. For all who have this opportunity, please do all you can to attend both the open house and dedication. Check this website to find out more details.

As you ponder and read these questions below, we hope you will feel the significance and elation of this event, as each of us prepare for the temple open house, youth cultural celebration, and rededication.
  • Am I working on family history so that I can bring names to the temple and be a part of uniting my family? 
  • Am I inviting my neighbors, friends, and family who normally would not feel inclined to attend to the Ogden Temple open house? 
  • What can I do to spiritually prepare myself to attend the temple rededication? 
  • To all ages: How can this white handkerchief remind me to always be preparing to be worthy to receive sacred covenants and serve the Lord? 

We also look forward to the youth celebration at the Dee Events Center. Families, neighbors and friends will all enjoy this fabulous event on Saturday, September 20th.

Perhaps you may even keep a special record of the experiences you will have personally or with your family, or as you have invited friends and loved ones to the open house or as you attend the rededication. Your posterity will love reading about this special time of history. Bless you all!

With love,
The Stake Relief Society Presidency

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