Women's Expo: Upon These I Write the Things of My Soul

Sharing Station Handouts
"Upon These I Write the Things of My Soul"
presented by Colleen Cole and Cassidy Goodfellow

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There are various reasons to keep a journal. We may keep one to sort out our feelings, record information, keep track of important dates, and to leave our testimony and our story for those who will follow. Here are some ideas that will turn boring diary keeping into a more inspired way of journal writing that will not only bless your life but the lives of others. With very little time, some creativity, and the help of the Spirit of the Lord, we can write inspired journals.

  • It may not be necessary to write every day.
  • When you feel you should write, do it right away, because feelings fade and details are not long remembered.
  • Keeping a "tender mercies" journal can be fun. Record every time you feel the hand of the Lord in your life. These writings will uplift you now and others later.
  • Making and keeping up a timeline of your life and the key events in your life can be a simple way to begin recalling your life for a more in-depth writing of your life story.
  • Choosing a time each week to write is also a good idea. Get in the habit, and then too much time will not get away from you in between writings. (See list below for fun ideas and ways to begin.)
  • Write letters to your children or your grandchildren to be opened at key times of their lives.

Ideas to write about (these will jump-start your imagination):
  • What brings me joy? What things do I really like and love?
  • When and how did I get my testimony? When did I know I have one?
  • What is a gospel topic I did not fully understand, and how did I get my my answers about it?
  • What was my baptism day like? How did I feel?
  • What was the very best day of my life or the three best days of my life?
  • What was the saddest day of my life? What was my biggest disappointment?
  • What was the time or times that I knew witnessed a miracle?
  • What were my very happiest moments in life? What was my best Christmas?
  • What were the 10 most important decisions I ever made in life and why?
  • Who do I most long to meet or see in the spirit world and why?
  • Who are the three or four people who have had the biggest impact on my life?
  • How did my parents and grandparents impact my life?
  • What are the main goals of my life, and how do I spend my days?
  • How would I describe myself to posterity...my strengths, my talents, etc.?
  • Write my testimony and my advice to those who will come after me. Were there specific times when the priesthood greatly impacted my life?
  • If I were to live my life over again I would change _____________ (or maybe not).
  • What are truths I most want my children to know?

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