Applying Temple Lessons to My Life

By Rick Lunsford
"Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar"
from, used with permission
There are many spiritual blessings associated with the temple, but in addition, for some of us more pragmatic people, I also find lots of temporal blessings from attending the temple.  In the Book of Mormon, Nephi says he did liken the scriptures to them for their profit and learning. I had an institute teacher once say that in Hebrew the word “liken” also means to find the pattern.

We know the temple is full of symbolism, so I try to find ways to apply the things I learn in the temple to my everyday life. As I do, I find those activities remind me of the temple and reinforce its teachings.

For example, because Adam and Eve ate the fruit, we are taught that the earth produces thorns and weeds. Every time I have to weed my garden or flower beds I am reminded that these weeds are here because of the state we are currently in, and that some day we will not have to deal with them anymore, but for now it is part of the plan to have to work hard at removing the weeds in order to have a beautiful and productive garden.

As I work on my fruit trees from the spring through the fall, I think of the scriptures about the Lord's vineyard and how hard he works on his vineyard to try to produce fruit in the proper season, and how I have to prune and fertilize the trees, keeping an eye of faith that later in the season I will reap the reward of fruit.

One more pattern from the story of Adam and Eve that I’ve noticed is one I apply to dealing with children or even coworkers. In Genesis chapter 3, when the Lord asks Adam what happened, as he explains the situation, he mentions that Eve also ate the fruit, so she is then asked about what happened. She mentions that she was given the fruit by someone else, so then Satan is asked to join with the others in the discussion.

Just like in this example, I have learned that it is best to get all parties accused in one room together to discuss what really happened instead of asking each one individually, because when I do that I end up getting a different story from each one.

As we look for ways to apply the patterns we learn, our eyes will be opened to situations where daily we can see the Lord's hand in guiding our thoughts back to Him and His ways.

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