I Had a Feeling I Never Had Before

These stories from youth show a love of family history and temple work and a resolve to live what they believe.

A few months ago I went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. It was my first time. I have felt the Spirit many times but not like this. I will be holy and try to bring my cousin next time to share my experience.


by S.G.
I have been going to the temple and feeling the Spirit so strongly. My favorite Primary song is "I Love to See the Temple." Every time I hear the song I feel the Spirit. I know that through the temple I’ll be able to live with my family again. Knowing that is comforting because I love my family so much.


by A. A.
Standing up for what you believe is probably the hardest but most wonderful thing to do.
I was hanging out with friends and they all wanted to watch inappropriate rated R movies. It was easy standing up for what I believe in because I have been living righteously.


I remember the first time taking my own family names to the temple. Because I found these names and because they are my relatives, I had a feeling I had never had before. I felt a personal connection to those people I was doing the work for and felt the Spirit more abundantly. I am grateful I could do this work for my own family.


I was hanging out with a couple of friends one night and they wanted to watch a certain movie. Both of my friends are not Mormon, so they put the movie in and it was rated R. I was going to stay and watch it, but then I thought to myself about what a holy woman would do. I thought about what types of words and images I could possibly hear and see, so I called my brother to come pick me up. I felt a lot better after I left. 

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