My Spirit Was Strengthened

by Marisa Sharpe
Several years ago, I listened to a talk on CD titled “The Blessings of the Temple” by Herschel Pedersen.  He is a former member of the Mount Timpanogas temple presidency.  His main point was there is untapped power in the temple, and if we will consecrate our time and attend the temple regularly, either as a worker or as a patron, marvelous things will happen in our lives.

The rest of the CD was spent telling amazing stories of miraculous blessings which came as a result of people consecrating their time to the Lord and attending the temple in faith frequently and regularly.   I highly recommend the CD for everyone.

At the time I first heard it, I was seeking a specific blessing for my life and the lives of my family.  I decided I would do it!  I would attend the temple weekly for three months as a demonstration of faith that the Lord would hear my cry.  I would usually go early on Saturday morning before my husband and daughter were up.  After several weeks, my heart would start to yearn for the temple on about Thursday or Friday.  I would think to myself, “I have got to get back to the temple, when am I going next?  Oh, it’s almost Saturday.  Good, it will be soon.”

Absolutely nothing trumped my weekly visit to the temple.  Even when we went on vacation, I took my temple bag with me and attended the Boise temple at the beginning of our trip and the Portland temple at the conclusion of our trip. At the end of the three months, the Lord did indeed hear my cry and granted the blessing I sought.

One unanticipated blessing I received was the ability to cope with my life.  I felt a strengthening of my spirit to be able to cope with challenges that were unrelated to the specific blessing I was seeking.  I know regular temple attendance will help us cope with whatever life throws at us or even just with the daily grind.

I love the temple!  I love everything about it!  I love what temple attendance does for me!  Life is too hard not to utilize the temples and receive the peace, strength, revelation, and comfort of the Spirit which can be found there.  This is my testimony of temples.

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