Finding Joy and Peace at the Temple

by Debbie Allred
I am truly grateful for the joy and peace I have found in my journey by attending the temple. Life can be hard and at times may even seem unbearable because of the trials that can come our way. I have a firm testimony that attending the temple as often as I can helps me to find the strength, peace, and joy to overcome and calm the storms that may be raging in my life. When I am in the temple I am better able to be still and hear what the Spirit is trying to tell me.

Because I was in the temple “out of the world,” I was more in tune and was able to have uplifting spiritual experiences that strengthened my testimony. This, in turn, allowed me to strengthen my family and friends. The more I go to the temple the greater my desire to be closer to my Savior, God, and to my family, and I have a stronger desire to do what is right.

I also have a testimony that when we are serving in the temple and doing work for our ancestors they are able to progress in the spirit world and are also watching over and protecting and strengthening us and our children. It is comforting to know that we have legions of righteous angels fighting for us to succeed.

I have gained such a love for attending the temple and performing temple work. I am so grateful I can participate in this great work and benefit from the love, joy and peace I feel when I am in the temple. I promise that as you attend the temple and engage in this great work for our ancestors the Lord will bless you, and you will a greater measure of love, peace, and joy in your life.

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