When I Entered the Temple, I Felt Like I Was Home

Photo of Mesa, Arizona temple from LDS.org. Used with permission.
by Erin Feik
As a young single adult after graduating from college I was looking for a job, and I knew I wanted to go where there would be a strong LDS singles group, and where there would be a temple. Eventually through prayer and seeking I took a teaching job in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved there by myself and at first I felt so alone. A few days later I drove to the temple in Mesa. Upon entering the temple a sweet peaceful feeling came over me and I knew that I was home. I was blessed many times with peace, comfort, and revelation in the Mesa Temple, and it still hold a special place in my heart because of the powerful witnesses I received in that particular temple.


by Sara Barnard
I know the gospel is true. I am so grateful for the temple in my life. I don’t go there as often as I should, but I am very grateful to be sealed to my family. I have a friend and her husband who have been trying to have a baby for three years and couldn’t. They have been trying to adopt for two years and they finally became parents to a beautiful baby girl through adoption, and they were sealed yesterday in the temple. It has made me become very humble and grateful for all of the temples close to me and the opportunity to go and renew covenants and feel the Spirit. My New Year’s resolution is to attend the temple more often.


I frequently struggle with depression and anxiety. When my life just gets too crazy I know it’s time to worship in the temple. Whenever I go my depression eases, my anxiety decreases, and I am filled with peace and power. I truly feel like my spirit is overcoming the struggles of my physical body. It is such a blessing to go to the temple and feel that peace pervade into all area of my life.


by Heather Wykstra
I have never really done family history in the past. When my mom passed away suddenly four years ago I knew it was important to teach my children about her and how the temple has made us able to be with her again and forever. My mom had a great passion for family history which has made me want to dive in and learn more about my ancestors so I can in turn learn more about my incredible mother.

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