Women's Conference 2015: "The Temple, The Lighthouse of the Lord" Video

The Temple, The Lighthouse of the Lord
words and music by Jaron Packer

Verse 1
I look around, and all I see is darkness. I look around and all I feel is fear.
Is there a beacon of light, to guide our way?
Is there a ray of hope for us today?
In my little ship I sail, I feel lost, alone, and frail.
But her name brings hope to me, her crew is pure in heart, you’ll see.
Zion, Zion, we’re on the good ship Zion.
Just hold on until the morn; she will guide us through the storm.

There is a light, a light in the darkness.
A temple, the Temple, The Lighthouse of the Lord.
It beckons, it calls, it invites us to see.
But we must choose to follow, we must choose to be.
Though the path through life’s raging sea, may seem treacherous and grim,
There is joy in the journey, if we but look to Him.
For there we’ll find our Captain, the chief (head) cornerstone,
He pleads…“This way to safety: This way to Home”…Come home.

Verse 2
You’re on your way, with the temple in your view.
You’re on your way; yes, He’s watching over you.
There may be storms in your past and in your view.
Just hold on through the storms, they were made for you.
Hosanna, Hosanna, we’ll sing a new Hosanna.
He has brought us safely here, we have no more need to fear.

Come home to the temple, where a sure way can be found,
Turning children’s hearts to their fathers' hearts, that the enemy may be bound.


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