The Power of Women

The following are more stories from the sisters in one ward about the power of women in their lives.

I would have to say my stepmother is one of the biggest influences in my life. She married my dad when I was four and took care of us 10 kids together. She is the most patient woman I have ever met. She continues to be an example to me and my kids. Last year she lost her oldest son, and her testimony strengthened all of us to know that he is with Christ and continuing his work in Heaven. She sacrifices all day, every day for her children/stepchildren.


I have a neighbor who is so full of love, kindness and service. She embodies charity to me. Her service isn’t forced or regular. She serves and loves genuinely whenever she feels to do so. I see her serve and love her family amidst trials and I witness her taking quiet moments for herself in her yard, gardening, or reading. She has helped me with my young children in multiple ways. She always offers hugs and smiles, sometimes books or dvds to borrow, or homemade cookies. Even small or large gifts for my kids at holidays and random days when they are least expected and so appreciated. I know she has struggles in her life, both personally and with her own kids. Despite her own trials she looks beyond herself. She magnifies her callings to the utmost, having true charity for those she is called to serve with. Despite feeling down, she has true enthusiasm for her responsibilities and for life. She finds and creates beauty wherever she goes. She is truly Christlike and lets her light shine.


Carol Galbraith was my second mentor as a mother. I looked up to her quiet influence as she raised 10 righteous children and served all those around her with no fanfare. I saw the righteous patterns I wanted to emulate as a mother some day. She endured great hardships, served alongside her husband as the wife of a mission president, temple president, and stake president. She always treats me to this day as her dearest friend.


When I think of heroic faith, I think of my aunt. I have always shared a special bond with her because we share the same name. But as I’ve grown up and become a mom myself, I realize that she has shown faith throughout her many trials in life. It’s helped me to know that we are not left alone on this earth, and the trials I face in my own life I can battle with the Lord and not alone.


I'm so grateful for the nurse that attended my mother-in-law before her death. She would lovingly rub her feet and back and bring her treats and food. She made her feel like she was the most important and beautiful person in the world.

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