Young Women: Blessed by the Temple

by Heather Gardiner
Photo from Used with permission.

One day I was at the temple with my cousins when a temple worker came up to us and started talking about how us doing temple baptisms was making our ancestors so happy, and that they were probably having a party for these people who were just baptized. He went on to say that those who we had just performed baptisms for would bless us for doing their work. It made me so happy to hear this and I have never forgotten what he said to us.


by K.F.
As a young woman in the Ogden Temple District I had the opportunity to participate in the Ogden Temple Cultural Celebration. This was a wonderful experience that strengthened the youth in so many ways. I know that my testimony of the temple has been strengthened because I participated and felt the Spirit so strongly. I know that families can be together because of the power of the temple. I look forward to entering the temple soon and making my own covenants with the Lord. I hope each person may come to the knowledge of the temple and the peace it brings into our lives.


by A.B.
The Ogden Temple Cultural Celebration was an uplifting and enlightening experience. It was amazing to see so many youth sing together in honor of the temple. This experience has strengthened my testimony so much of the purpose of our temples. The Ogden Temple is so beautiful and it was an honor to perform the numbers at the celebration.


by M.W.
The Ogden Temple Cultural Celebration was very spiritual. It was amazing to come together as sons and daughters and perform in something so fun, so very important, and very, very spiritual. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly before performing in the Cultural Celebration. I know this church is true. I know He lives, and so does the Gospel.

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