Visiting Teaching: It's Nice to Know Someone Is Thinking of Me

Some women in the stake were asked: How has your life been touched by visiting teaching or a visiting teacher? Over the next few weeks we'll feature their responses.

I have been blessed with wonderful visiting teachers. When I have been going thru trials they text, email, or just stop by to see how I am doing. It’s so nice to know someone is thinking of me.
The little (and big) acts of service have meant the most, including:
- helping me fold laundry while we visited
- helping with my children & laundry when I was sick
- using their talents to bless me
- bringing yummy treats for me and my family
- a visiting teaching partner (with an inactive husband) called me from the hospital needing a ride home, not knowing who to call, but knew I loved her and would help.
My life has been touched because many of the women I have visited have opened my eyes to so many things, whether it is a new perspective or a new understanding. It may be that she has a hobby or talents I am unfamiliar with and I learn more about it. Maybe they are in a different stage of life that gets me to think of another, besides myself.
I was matched up to be companions with a young mom who had just moved into the ward. Through visiting teaching and my interaction with her, I found a best friend and great example. She was so selfless and was always looking for things to do both with our visiting teachers and with others. She truly taught me of someone who is Christlike and pulled me into the ward as I didn’t have kids and didn’t fit in. She is still one of my best friends to this day, and she taught me what visiting teaching is really about.

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