Visiting Teaching: I Feel God's Love for Me

Some women in the stake were asked: How has your life been touched by visiting teaching or a visiting teacher? This is the final installment in the series of posts.

I have a visiting teacher that found out I was sick when my husband was out of town. She came over and shoveled the snow from my driveway and sidewalks and then brought me dinner that night. It meant so much to know that someone cared about me and wanted to help me.
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When I moved into the ward, my visiting teachers were my first friends in the area. They made me feel welcomed and loved. When I had my baby, my visiting teachers were so great, and I knew I could call them if I needed anything.
I was a young mother with no family near. My visiting teacher took me under her wing and taught me lots about being a mom.
Visiting teaching blesses me by letting me feel of God’s love for me. It strengthens my testimony of the gospel and helps me see my purpose.
My visiting teacher gives me friendship. I appreciated her cleaning my house!

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