The Importance of Fathers

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Enjoy these testimonies of the importance of fathers, by women in our stake.

I have always appreciated the emphasis my Dad has put on the value of education. Along with that, I know he always believed in me and wanted me to succeed in being able to do hard things and have great experiences.
My dad is the best example to me of scripture reading. He never misses a day. He said it has just become a habit because he makes time for it every day. Someday I hope to be more like him.
My old bishop stops by now and again to check on me and my kids. He always gives all of us priesthood blessings.
My father-in-law was very honest and humble. He found a dime in a phone booth and returned it to the phone company. He also gave much to others.
My husband did not always have a father in his home and today doesn't have a father in his life. Yet you would think that he had the greatest father because of the kind of father he is. He never wants his kids to go without and is always anxious to support them in all they do.

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