Serving Like the Savior

Families and individuals in our stake are jumping in to #LightThe World with acts of service.

Miriam Franson:
Used by permission.
I can hardly believe it's December 1st!! We've been excited to start the #LightTheWorld month of service...doing what we can to serve like the Savior. In my ideal world (and a different season of life) I'd have printed out super cute printables, and have a great plan for what we'd do already outlined. But we hit this morning with none of that in queue! But as we read about "freely giving" like Christ did, I remembered we had some candy canes in the trunk left from something else and the kids are headed off to school ready to "give" to someone they thought could use it. One thing I'm learning more and more is that if we wait to serve until it can be in a perfectly cleaned house, or a perfectly planned moment, or a perfectly created package it will rarely (for me anyway) happen. But the Savior just asks us to give with our heart from whatever we have and wherever we are. And like with the loaves and the fishes, He will multiply our efforts.

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