Meet the New Stake RS Presidency

L-R: Janae, Shauna, Andrea, Tiffany
Dear Sisters of the Layton South Stake,

In the short time we have been serving as the new Stake Relief Society Presidency, we have felt such an increase of love for you amazing women. This past month we were able to visit all of the ward Relief Society Sunday meetings to put faces with names and get to know our sisters a little better. As we have visited each ward, we have been humbled by your goodness. From inspired discussions and deep-hearted testimonies shared, to discussing who needed extra prayers for the upcoming week--you sisters have inspired us! Thank you for all you do. We love you!

Tiffany McMinn
Shauna Cleverly
Janae Poulson
Andrea Dover

About Us

Enjoy these stories written by family members about our new stake Relief Society presidency.

Tiffany McMinn,  President

Tiffany loves being in the outdoors and being active. You will often see her jogging along the side of the road as you drive along Layton Parkway ... or if you can recognize her in her helmet and sunglasses, you can find her riding her road bike. She also enjoys hiking on a local trail or boating/wakeboarding in the summer. She enjoys reading a good book or watching BYU football games with her family. Tiffany also stays busy cheering on her children in their many sporting events, whether that is at the soccer field, basketball court, or football field (to watch a player or our cheerleader).

Tiffany works hard to serve our family, whether that is doing her least favorite chore of laundry a couple times a week or teaching preschool (to help support our college kids), or serving others through her callings, or just being a thoughtful neighbor. In addition to being an amazing teacher, she has a heart of gold, and loves those she serves.

Shauna Cleverly, First Counselor

At a neighborhood party, shortly after we moved into the Layton South Stake almost 20 years ago, we were playing the "newlywed game" and I was asked, "What would Shauna miss most if she was stranded on a desert island?" I don't remember what her answer actually was (just that I got it wrong at the time), but I think that what she would really miss most is people. Shauna loves people and has a phenomenal memory for names, relationships, and personal details. If you tell her who your siblings are, and next year she meets one of them, she likely could surprise them by reciting your whole family. She is quite witty, and her ability to laugh at herself helps make people enjoy being around her.

Shauna's got a sticker on the back of her car that proudly proclaims: "Sewing is my superpower." She is very talented, especially with cotton, though altering fancy prom dresses makes her nervous, so don't get any ideas. She used to teach sewing lessons in our basement and currently is working part-time as a seasonal temp for an online fabric store. She also loves to read a good book. Her favorite genres are historical fiction and clean Christian romances. Shauna is also a great writer, and her annual self-deprecating Christmas letter is eagerly anticipated by many.

Janae Poulson, Second Counselor

Janae grew up on a dairy farm with three brothers, which meant that she learned early on how to work hard and to hold her own. She graduated with a nursing degree, which brought out her caring and nurturing spirit. She postponed a mission to get married and have a family, which was a huge blessing to her husband and kids. A full-time mission is still in her plans later. She loves the gospel and her family, and it is hard for her to separate the two as they both complement the other.

She loves family time, vacations, playing games, and attending the kids' sporting events. She does not enjoy being front and center but would rather serve in the shadows. She loves our Savior and wants to share the Savior's love with those she serves. She would be content if she could go live in the temple. When she leaves and comes back home she is faced with reality!

Andrea Dover, Secretary

When Andrea was four years old, she asked when she could take reading lessons, because she loves books. Andrea still loves learning, graduating from Southern Utah University with a double major of business and accounting, earning an MBA from the University of Utah, and currently working on her CPA designation.

She also loves to travel and has been to 42 states (with a lot of repeats) and 14 countries (with some repeats). Two years ago, she drove across the United States and back by herself on a carefully planned vacation to visit family and friends before moving to California. Her favorites places outside the U.S. are Scotland and Switzerland because of the beautiful mountains and lakes.

She enjoys reading, cross stitch, putting puzzles together, and sewing pieced quilt tops. To both her friends' kids and family she is favorite “Aunt Andrea” and takes all nine of her nieces and nephew on special dates that includes a gift they pick out on the date. Her favorite activity with her nieces and nephews is to feed them candy before dinner and let them stay up way past their bedtime.

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