The Miracle of the Christmas Yard Inflatables

by Deija Peterson

Our family will never forget the Christmas of 2017. It was the "miracle of the yard decoration blowups," all because one inspired sister ministered to our daughter.

Our daughter Charlie was diagnosed with epilepsy at 18 months. Hundreds of seizures a day caused her to be severely developmentally delayed. Last year, just after Thanksgiving, we put an inflatable snowman in our yard, and to say Charlie loved it would be an understatement.

I shared a video on Instagram of Charlie singing and dancing as she watched the snowman fill with air and come to life. A sister in our ward saw the video and had an idea. She talked to neighbors, and soon her idea spread. During an already busy holiday season, with budgets tight, neighbors went out and bought Christmas inflatable yard decorations. On a planned night, many earthly ministering angels all went outside in the cold and plugged in the decorations, for the love of one little girl.

As we drove into the neighborhood that night, Charlie saw the street full of inflatables.

A Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa, a gingerbread man, a soldier, a dog wearing a Santa hat, a group of singing snowmen with flashing lights, Olaf from "Frozen," and more. There were Christmas blowups in yard after yard throughout our ward neighborhood. Charlie wanted to get out to say hi and hug each one of them...which she did!

Alma 37:6 says, "I say unto you by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." I testify that we have a Heavenly Father, that He loves us, and He hears our prayers. I testify that through our trials, whatever they are, Heavenly Father is aware of us and our needs. I am so very grateful for others who have been in tune to the Spirit and acted on those promptings.

Small things, like spreading the word about one little girl's love and excitement of Christmas blowups, will forever be remembered in our family as the Christmas Miracle of 2017. "Everyone you know could be blessed in some way by your ministering. The Lord is counting on you to reach out to them." David Beck, Young Men General President

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