An Eternal Perspective

by April Klavano 
April's family in their "Team April" shirts

I was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on March 15, 2017. At the time, my kids were 2, 4, 8, and 11. I was terrified of cancer but relieved I was the one being diagnosed, and not one of my kids.

When being diagnosed and starting treatments, I never felt that I would die, but just that this was my trial I needed to go through. I was able to use this trial as a learning experience, and understood it to be one of the many ways I can be shaped to become more like my Heavenly Father.

I was able to rejoice on the covenant path, even while going through cancer treatments. By keeping our covenants, there are great blessings poured down upon us. I witnessed many of these blessings during this trial, which made it a very positive experience, and I did rejoice through my treatments.

When President Nelson spoke at the Alamodome, he said, “An eternal perspective will help you endure serious storms.” By staying on the covenant path, I was able to have an eternal perspective. This is how I was able to be so happy and positive, even when the doctor told me I had cancer, when I was sick in bed for days, and even when I shaved my head.

When my husband lost his job in November, someone at his work asked him how his wife was handling the news. He said something to the effect that I can handle getting diagnosed with cancer or my husband losing a job like it’s no big deal, but things like taking someone dinner is what stresses me out. And it’s true! I can see the big picture with big trials, but the little things are what I need to work on.

I’m far from perfect, but because I’m striving my best to stay on the covenant path, I know the Lord is right there with me, helping me make it through the toughest trials and becoming the person I need to be.

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