Feeling Joy, Peace, and Love on the Covenant Path

The publicity committee for the Women's conference has been asked to share how they are "Rejoicing on the Covenant Path."

by Debbie Allred 
We really can find joy, peace, and love when we strive to be on the covenant path. There have been times in my life that it has not been such an easy path, but I know in those hard times, if I am striving to do the best I can in keeping my covenants, that God and my Savior are there to make up the difference where I lack. They strengthen me as well as bear me up.

In my life, I have witnessed that sometimes my timing is not the same as theirs, so that is where having faith, trusting in them, and continuing to stay on the covenant path comes in.

That can be very hard at times. There have been many times I have had to continue to work through and strive to endure my trials because I understand that they are for my growth. I know that my trials always strengthen me as well as my relationship with God and my Savior. I am so grateful for a loving and all-knowing God who knows what I need before I do and allows me to learn and grow, even when it may be hard.

I truly have found that even in the hard or difficult times of our lives, we can find joy, love, and peace! It truly is up to us to seek for it, which I know can be very hard to do, but I also know it is totally worth it.
Photo of the Bountiful temple by Debbie Allred

One place that has become truly a beacon, refuge, and light for me in my life is the temple. I truly love the temple with all my heart. The covenants we make there can bring us so much joy. 

About 10 years ago I had a prompting that I needed to attend the temple more, so I committed to attending the temple every week.

Since making that commitment I have been able to find more joy, peace, and love in my life. I know that my trials do not go away or disappear, but as I strive to keep my temple covenants I receive so much more power, strength, and courage to endure problems.

I have such a strong testimony of the power, blessings, and joy we receive as we attend and do temple work. When I am in the temple doing this great work for my ancestors and others, it truly lifts and fills my heart with a pure love for them, my family, as well as my Savior. I have also had many times that I truly feel like I am receiving a big hug from those who I have done the work for. It gives me an added strength that I need at that moment. It is truly so amazing! I love it!

I love taking a little extra time in the celestial room praying and just feeling the love that God and my Savior have for me. In the temple, I have been able to receive my own personal revelations, comfort over concerns I may have, and answers to my prayers, as well as many other blessings.

I know that as we strive to read our scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon), have daily prayer, take the sacrament each week, attend the temple, and share our love and service to those around us, we can truly find joy in this life.

I am so grateful for the temple and the covenant blessing it brings of eternal families; for my amazing family; for a loving Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and His gospel. I am also so grateful for our Prophet, President Nelson, and the apostles that continue to receive revelations that help keep us on the covenant path leading us back to God and our Savior.

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true with all my heart and am so grateful to have it in my life. I rejoice in my covenants that truly bring me sweet and eternal happiness.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, Amen.

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