Service Opportunities at Parkway Branch

There are many service opportunities at the Sunridge Assisted Living Center. If you want to serve individually, just step in and ask the receptionist if there are any specific needs that day. If you want to bring a group (YW/YM or families), please call Laura Whitesides to set up a day/time at 801-786-9946 and leave a message; she will get back to you.

​Here are some service suggestions:

  • companionship/visits
  • reading
  • crafts/scrapbook
  • family history
  • writing letters
  • walks
  • light housekeeping
  • ironing (they have an ironing board and iron at the center) 
  • playing games, share a talent by either performing (they LOVE music!) or demonstrating a talent (woodworking, painting, cooking, etc.) 

They are also looking for donations of muslin or plain broadcloth to make hospital dolls to donate to the hospitals.

The spirit of love resonates with these great folks! You will feel of their love as you find ways to serve them! Thank YOU! Our stake has been a shining example of service for our Parkway Branch!

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