Women's Conference Is for You

by Tiffany McMinn

Sisters! Women’s Conference is for you! It’s not just for your next door neighbor, or the Sisters you minister to, or for the less busy moms (I mean it’s for all of them, too).

With our theme “I Choose to Believe” this year, my desire is that you will be uplifted. That you will recognize that it’s normal to struggle, doubt, and question things at different times in our lives. While I know it takes continuous effort to choose to believe, my hope with this conference is that you will leave strengthened, motivated, and encouraged to “press forward” on the covenant path, keeping a “brightness of hope” even when life is hard.

 But most of all, what I would like you to “take away” from this upcoming Women’s Conference is a reminder of the love Heavenly Father has for you, His daughter. Serving in the stake Relief Society, I have the opportunity to meet and visit with so many amazing women. I see you “choosing to believe” even when doubts creep in, or trials come. I am always humbled by your goodness, and strengthened by your faith. Thank you for inspiring me.

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