Our Savior Can Be With Us...Right Where We Are

"Yesterday my husband asked me to run make some copies at the church for our ward. I got all our kids set up doing schoolwork and then did a mad dash. I walked into the dark, quiet building and was scurrying down the hall when I was stopped in my tracks by this big, beautiful picture of the Savior...reaching out to me. The first thought that came into my mind was, 'He's still here!' I just had to sit for a moment and be still in a place that I knew He was. While I hope I never again take for granted being able to be in His holy house(s)...our churches and temples...I choose to believe that even and especially in times like these He is not waiting there until we come back. I choose to believe in a Savior who is with us wherever we invite Him, reaching out with love and peace and offering His strength to help us through." -Miriam F.

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