Combating Satan's Tactics Day by Day

In the October 2019 Conference, Elder Peter M. Johnson of the Seventy gave some incredible counsel that I am just now beginning to fully appreciate.

In his talk, he discussed how we can find peace, remember who we are, and overcome the three Ds of the adversary. Those three Ds were Deception, Distraction, and Discouragement.
If ever there was a time when we are seeing these tactics of Satan’s being used in full force, it is today.
I choose to believe my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I choose to believe the promises They have made. I know that if we read our scriptures, pray, partake of the sacrament, repent, attend our church meetings, go to the Temple (when we can!), and remember that we are daughters of God; we will be just fine. It doesn’t matter what goes on in this world.
I know this is easier said than done. So, one of my most favorite ways to remember these principles, to truly feel peace, and to fight back against the deception, distraction, and discouragement is to be out in this amazing world our Father has created for us. So, my dear Sisters; if you are struggling to believe or to feel peace during this time and haven’t found your own way yet, please use mine.

~Mona Andrus

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