I Choose to Believe in the Prince of Peace

Why do I choose to believe? Thinking about this question it all comes back to one answer...PEACE. Believing in Him is the one true path to peace in this life and in our eternal life to come. This knowledge brings so much comfort, relief, and help as we face challenges everyday. With each new day the world around us is changing - nothing is constant, nothing is stable. We have all been a witness to this and have all experienced it first hand in one way or another. Health, economy, careers, illness, death, struggling children or loved ones, finances - the list goes on and on. The one thing that is never changing is the love of our Savior and His eternal plan. Knowing that the Lord is in charge and is aware of us gives me so much peace and hope as we face our struggles, trials, fears, and heartaches.

Last year our family experienced a major trial that literally dropped me to my knees in fervent prayer. I remember countless times asking Heavenly Father to bring me peace and calm my heart. Putting my trust in Him, His plan, and His timing instantly brought a calming peace that washed over my entire body - like nothing I’ve experienced before. Looking back on those experiences I often think about how Heavenly Father never left me alone. Though he hasn’t taken away this trial, he has provided me/us with all the tools we need to grow and learn and become closer to Him. Reading the scriptures and words of our prophets, using the priesthood power and priesthood blessings, receiving the love and service of those around us, and heartfelt fervent prayer are just some of the blessings that have helped me. These actions on my part have opened the door for Heavenly Father to give me peace. Isn’t that what we all long for...PEACE.
L. Whitney Clayton’s talk “Choose to Believe” beautifully illustrates my feelings on why I choose to believe. He tells us, “The decision to believe is the most important choice we ever make.” I can not imagine going through this life with all the challenges we will face - ALONE. I have a testimony of Our Lord and Savior, Our Comforter, The Prince of Peace. Isn’t it awesome that His very name reflects the very peace we are all longing for! Elder Clayton continues, “If we are WILLING to believe, if we DESIRE to believe, if we CHOOSE to believe, then the Savior’s teachings and example will show us the pathway forward.” Isn’t that where we all want to eventually be - Back in our Heavenly home with our Savior and our families - surrounded by a love and peace that only the Savior can provide. I know he loves each of us soooo much! I know this to be true and I am eternally grateful for this knowledge. This knowledge is what brings me peace EVERYDAY! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

~Melissa Lunsford

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