Jesus is My Consistent in My World of Inconsistency

This past year has brought many changes to our family. Another mission call. Covid. An engagement. No mission. A wedding. Changes in callings. Changes in weight. Changes in school situations. Another wedding. And other personal struggles that just come as part of life.

But through all of these challenges and changes, Jesus is the same for me. The covenants we’ve made are the same. The blessings from keeping those covenants, the same. The peace I feel when I listen and re-listen to conference talks, the same. The joy I feel watching a child go through the repentance process, the same. The joy I feel when I repent, the same. The reassurance, peace, and joy I feel knowing that I am known and loved by heavenly parents, the same.
Jesus is my consistent in my world of inconsistency.
I choose to believe because I love Jesus, and I love what he offers. I love that He challenges us to become something better. I love that it’s not always easy. I love hope. I love peace. I love the plan. And I love the joy the gospel brings.
I often reflect on an experience I had as a child. I was 4, and on my way to my first piano recital. It was going to be at our church building. My mom was supposed to drop me off early, and when we got there she asked if I knew where to go. I answered no. Do you know where the primary room is? No, I said. What about the chapel? No. Do you know anything at all about this church? She asked. Just that it’s true, mom. And I still feel that today. Things aren’t perfect for any of us. But life is oh so much better for me on this side of the fence.

~Ange Nelson

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