The Promptings of the Holy Ghost Help Me Endure

This year has been quite the roller coaster! Not only have we experienced this crazy pandemic and unrest in the world, but we have had an especially hard year with some unexpected family challenges. It’s hard to watch our loved ones suffer and in turn we suffer right there with them! Through these and other challenges, there have been times I have felt utter despair and with Satan’s lies, of no worth. Through it all, I choose to believe in this plan of happiness and in our Savior and his redeeming love. I have been grateful to notice the tender mercies along the way. I have had many promptings of the Holy Ghost on what to say, and the exact moments to act. I choose to believe in the blessings of the priesthood and the comfort and reassurance that those blessings leave. I recently received a priesthood blessing and as I would silently ask a question during the blessing, those questions were immediately answered. This happened several times throughout the blessing with answers to my silent pleadings with the Lord. It’s as if he were right there speaking to me through his worthy priesthood holder. I choose to believe because I don’t know how I would navigate through this challenging life without the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help me endure and overcome the lies of the adversary.

~Jennifer Taylor

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