His Gospel: An Anchor and a Grounding Point

Throughout my life the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony of His restored Gospel has been an anchor and grounding point for me. As a young child, I remember feeling the truth that my parents taught as they expressed their love and testimony for their Savior and His Gospel. This feeling of truth stayed with me as I grew, and through experiences of my own, I was able to deepen my understanding, faith, and my own testimony. This has been and will always be a continual process for me. As I have gotten older, and the world around us becomes more confusing and in turmoil, I have to hold on to that truth that I know and continue to allow His Gospel and light to be my anchor. Having a living prophet on the earth today is such a blessing for us all. I am really grateful for this reminder that President Nelson gave this past conference, “If you have sincere questions about the gospel or the Church, as you choose to let God prevail, you will be led to find and understand the absolute, eternal truths that will guide your life and help you stay firmly on the covenant path.” So even when I can’t see quite clearly and feel a little in the dark, if I continue to let God prevail in my life, choosing to believe in Him and His gospel, I will be able to feel that absolute and eternal truth that I have felt before and know to be true. So, I choose to believe because truth is truth and I know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is that absolute and eternal truth.

Shannon Ireland

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