If We Believe and Follow Him, We Have Hope for a Better Tomorrow

I love this opportunity to reflect and to really ponder “why I choose to believe”.

My childhood was not an easy one. I was a child of divorce at a young age, and I relocated often. I often felt lost and alone. I witnessed my mother always clinging to the Gospel and her Heavenly Father, even though her life had not gone as she had planned! She taught me a good lesson by her example. If we believe and follow Him, we have hope for a better tomorrow. And she created a life for us that was a great reflection of that.

I have carried her example with me as an adult. I wanted to create a life that reflected Him from the beginning. I have chosen to believe in Him and put my faith in Him. Believing in Him comes easy to me, for that I have been grateful. I believe many of the blessings I enjoy in my life are because I have chosen to follow His path. Many family members have not followed that path, and I have seen their hope diminished...

My Father in Heaven has shown me many times that He is there and that he knows who I am. I can not deny those experiences. I choose to believe in Him because I know He is there and He brings hope and peace. I am so grateful for Him and for His Love!

~Jamie Garner

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