"He the Physician, I the Nurse"


Amanda Barnes Smith lost her husband and a son to the Hawn’s Mill Massacre in 1838. Amanda’s younger son, Alma, survived, but lost an entire hip in a shotgun blast. Desperate for help, Amanda prayed and received inspiration on how to create and apply a poultice to the wound. The joint was miraculously healed, and Alma made a full recovery. Amanda said of the miracle, God "was the physician, and I the nurse!" 

In this and many ways, Amanda had remarkable faith. She trusted that as she kept her covenants, the Lord would send power to bless her and her family.

How can cleaving to your covenants bless the lives of you and your posterity?

Source: “Amanda Barnes Smith,” history.ChurchofJesusChrist.org

Artwork: “He the Physician: I the Nurse” by Megan Rieker

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