Cleaving to the Big and the Small Things


Melisa wrote this for her ward's Relief Society newsletter and we think it is such a great example of cleaving to both the big and the small things that strengthen us on the gospel path and just plain bring us joy. In the days ahead we want to share with you a great mix of responses we received when sisters in our Stake were asked what "good things" they cleave to in their life. 

As I listened to the wonderful speakers at our Stake Women’s Conference my thoughts kept turning to good things. I began jotting down some of the things I have been cleaving to – my own list of good things. It was easy to think of lots of them, and it surprised me because I haven’t always (i.e. never) been a glass-half-full person. Being positive doesn’t come naturally to me and is something I’ve had to work at. Some of my good things are the same as many of those mentioned by the speakers – scripture, spiritual purpose, the words of modern prophets, faith, service, family. You get the picture. These made my list, but others did to. I’ve held tight and clung to Sunday dinners. Testimony. Camping. Rest. Heaven. Gratitude. A squeeze of lime. Sacrament. Relief Society. Potato chips and cheese. Projects. My heritage. All of these good things have helped me to not just endure, but to "see the glass-half-full" and find incredible joy. To keep “a tight grip” on the rod. To strengthen my faith in and knowledge of a loving Father in Heaven. Sisters, take a few minutes to write down some of those good things that you have been cleaving to. The things that have given you hope. Helped you feel the Spirit. Brought you closer to Christ. And the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged remind yourself of those good things and cleave unto them even tighter.
~Melisa Eggleston

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