He's Not Asking Us to Do it Alone

When I was asked to head the video committee for this year’s conference I had the accompanying panic of self doubt about my capability of not only producing a functioning video but also one that lifted and inspired. 

After meeting with the committee and finding that not one of us had the expertise in what we were doing- first we laughed- then we got to work. 

We know that the Lord loves effort. “Come As You Are To The Savior” to me means that you are just willing to show up. The Lord knows what He is doing, He’s not asking us to do it alone. We just have to be willing to be there to do it with him. 

He will always make our efforts more than we could ever do on our own - in our marriage, with our family, in callings, in all the hard and easy areas of our lives. We just need to show up. 

~Jen Hart

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