He Wants Us to Come!

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28
I can see Him in my mind. There is a tenderness in his eyes. His arms are stretched out towards me. He is reaching. Inviting me. He wants me to COME.

And all of me yearns to move towards Him. I want Him to wrap his arms around me. To hold me safe. I want to rest my tired head on His chest to feel of His power and sense the rest only He can give.

But His words echo again. They aren’t just asking me to come to Him to be comforted. He is inviting me to Come Unto Him.

There is a difference. This is deeply personal for both of us. He is not going to pass me off to someone else. He is promising to help me personally. Which means he knows all of me perfectly. The help he is offering will be fitted to my needs and my circumstance.

He tells me. “Let me provide the help you need to carry your burdens. Let me hold you upright when you are broken.”

And I hear the promise . . .
“Come, I will give you rest.”
Draw nigh unto me, move to my side, find me, walk with me, and I will help you BECOME like me.

The word unto means progress and fusion.

So, I know Christ is telling me to Come Become One with Him!

The Grace of the Atonement is written in those words. Turn to Him and He will be there! He will not only walk with me, but He will give me strength to grow to BECOME like He is.
This is His covenantal promise. He wants to meet me where I am, but He doesn’t want to leave me there. He wants to take me where He is, but I must first make the choice to have that relationship with Him.

So, I look at Him again. His arms are still reaching. His eyes are still inviting.
“Please come!”

And all of me desires more than anything to not only be with Him, but to also become like him. It is in that moment, I realize that the trials I am bearing, the ones I think are holding me down, are the very thing taking me one step closer to becoming like He is. He has always been in the details of my life.

When I look closer, He is right beside me. And I hear Him say, “Come, let’s walk the rest of the way together. I am Here!”

~Barbara Petersen

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